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Connectivity for Your Office Printers

Does your fleet of printers and scanners match your office workflow? Are they all connected and on the same network? Is that network secure? These are some of the major questions we ask businesses when we evaluate the printers they have on their network.

Does Your Fleet Match Your Needs?

First, we take a look at the printers you have and consider the printers you might need. We have worked with organizations before that have far too many printers, others that don’t have enough, and some that simply don’t have the right one. We can help! We will evaluate and make recommendations based on your industry, history, budget, and setup.

Are All The Devices Communicating?

The next thing we consider is the network of printers and other devices in your office. Is everything connected and able to communicate properly? Are the software and hardware in the office updated? When everything is working on the same page, you’ll be able to employ mobile printing and other useful functions.

Is Your Network Secure?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Security is the number one priority. With a network of printers, you need to make sure each device and anything connected to it have the right security settings to protect your information and your customers. We can spot errors and set up your machines to detect problems early on!

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