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The Problem With Printing

How much do you know about the printing going on in your office? Each page that gets printed is money out of your business. Sometimes it’s well worth the investment and sometimes wasteful printing is getting out of control without the business owner even knowing! Some businesses struggle with how to manage the printing in their office, but the experts at PrintRX can help you establish a managed print system with ease.

Consider the ROI and TCOP

Each time we work with an organization on their printing needs, we have two objectives top-of-mind. We work to improve your return on investment (ROI) and lower your total cost of print (TCOP). We help find the right products and resources for your office to make sure you aren’t wasting or wanting when it comes to printing.

Workflow Solutions

Managed print services also involve considering the workflow of how you manage your documents. We value mobility, security, and communication in print services. Mobility allows for you to print from anywhere, increasing your access to information and often times making it easier to serve your own clients. Security means you will know who is using your printing devices and when. And communication involves considering who needs which documents and how they’ll get them. We have everything you need to gain control of your office printing.

The Accountability Factor

Remember the wasteful printing we were talking about? The best remedy to that solution is holding everyone accountable for what they print. This simply means having the means to track what and how much people are printing. Without any other changes, letting your employees know you can review their printing habits will have great improvements in minimizing excess.

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