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Capture, Transform, and Manage

We use three tenants of document management to ensure that the software we provide for you is helping you succeed. Capture, transform, and manage is our system for getting your documents scanned and loaded onto the server, easily shareable to those who need them, and working well in your new super organized system.


The first fundamental element of document management is capture. This component works with the office equipment you have or new technology we can recommend. We can make sure your scanner or printer is communicating with your software to accurately and easily capture your needed documents.


In nearly all cases, documents need to be shared among multiple people. This means you need to think about how your information is going to be moving around your business. The software solutions PrintRX provides will help your business find seamless ways to share, edit, and send information.


Throughout the process of document capture and transformation, the documents must be able to be processed in ways that add value. In other words, software must be helpful in crafting the end resulting document through editing or collaboration tools across the company.

It’s What We Do

It’s important for your business to have the systems and processes in place to manage your documents in the ways that best serve you. We stay up-to-date with the best systems in order to provide intelligent solutions that allow you to:

  • Communicate faster with your customers
  • Share and adjust documents as needed
  • Increase your return on investment for both your software solutions and your hardware choices

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